SRVHS Track and Field has various uniform options. Below you will find the various prices for our various uniform designs. Please not the the older Brooks uniforms are limited supply and will be discontinued once the remaining inventory has been sold.

Nike gear

Men’s tight short = 30

Men’s loose short = 20


Men’s and women’s singlets (tops) = 20


Women’s tight short = 20

Women’s loose short = 20

Women’s tight top = 30


Sweatshirt = 35


Brooks uniforms (while supplies last)

Tops = 10

Loose shorts = 10

Women’s tight shorts = 10


JL Track (men’s only=if sprinters want a tighter uniform this is your only choice)

Short sleeve top(tight)=30

Tight shorts=30

Brooks uniform(girls--loose top with tight shorts)
JL Track Uniform