Bob Frick Award
This award is presented to the senior male Track and Field team member(s) that have demonstrated outstanding commitment and performances over their years at San Ramon Valley High School. This award is named after Bob Frick, who was the 100 yard state champion in 1935. He is the school record holder in the 100 and 200 meters. Prior to 2007, this award was presented to the best male or female senior athlete.

1985 Chris Preas, Bart Stephens, & Tina Goodykoontz
1986 Laura Carter & Geoff Burke
1987 Kim Seymour & Rett Summerville
1988 Jeff Thayer
1989 Rob Scott
1990 Bill Sembrat
1991 Shawn Wattles
1992 Katie Clawson, Julie Jenkins, Ashley Scharff
1993 Linda Johnson, Jeff Hagen
1994 Jeff Young
1995 Scott Druskin, Satish Subramanian
1996 NONE
1997 David Newton
1998 Tim Stevens
1999 Heather Murtaugh
2000 Michelle Cook
2001 Katie Lee, Katie Murphy
2002 Rebecca Cartmell
2003 Storm Huie, Jonathan Rihel
2004 Scott Bauhs
2005 Tristan Blair, Nicole Dobryznski
2006 Mark Miller, Katie Prucha
2007 Ryan Vandersloot, Clark Peterson
2008 David Nicholas
2009 Joe Grabenstein
2010 Kevin Griffith
2011 Ben Teichman
2012 Colin Barber
2013 Zach Hanze
2014 Wade Wilson, David Griffith
2015 NONE
2016 Stefan Bradley

Kelly Fogarty Award
The Kelly Fogarty award, established in 2007, is presented annually to the most outstanding senior female track and field athlete, who has shown outstanding commitment and performance over their years at San Ramon. Kelly Fogarty is the premier sprint athlete in the history of SRVHS. She is the school record holder in both the 100 and 200 meter dashes. She has run EBAL records of 11.92 in the 100 meter race and 24.49 in the 200 meters. She was a five time EBAL champion in these individual events (100 meters 2005-07 and the 200 meters 2006 and 07). In the relays Kelly was a part of 4 consecutive EBAL Champions in the 4 x100.

2007 Kelly Fogarty
2008 Marielle Sheppel
2009 Bailey Weaver
2010 Erica Brown
2011 Kelly Nordine
2012 Sammi Kruger
2013 Alina Sinclair
2014 Sydney Biekert
2015 Sarah Herron
2016 Taylor Gregory and Carley Gwynn

Dana Foster Award
Dana Foster graduated from San Ramon Valley High School in 1982. She was arguably the finest all-around track and field athlete ever to attend SRVHS. Dana currently holds one school record:
1. Discus: 127’0”
She is 2nd all time in the Long Jump: 18’1”, 3rd all-time in the 200 meters(25.19),4th in the Triple Jump (35’8”) and 2nd in the shot put (37’8”), and holds a personal best of 13.15 in the 100 Meters. This award is presented to the athlete(s) that best exemplify Dana’s all-around talent. This year’s recipients  

2001 Alana Lerner
2002 Stefanie Brechtel
2003 John Rowland
2004 Anthony Bradshaw
2005 Mark Miller, Kelly Fogarty
2006 Kelly Fogarty, Ryan Vandersloot
2007 David Nicholas, Marielle Sheppel
2008 Bronze Adams, Bailey Weaver, Gordon Chow
2009 Laura Charbonneau and Kevin Griffith
2010 Sarah Griffith, Jane Humphrey, Sammi Kruger, and Dan Davis
2011 Jane Humphrey, Sammi Kruger, and Zak Garcia
2012 Parker Deuel, Sarah Herron, Sydney Biekert
2013 Sydney Biekert, David Griffith, Wade Wilson
2014 Emily Evans, Anyel Thomas, Matt Petagara
2015 McKenna Sherve, Ansel Bridgewater
2016 Andrea Lyon, Matt Petagara

This award is presented to the athlete(s) that participated in both Cross Country and Track and Field for all four years (8 seasons). This award is named after Adam Broderick, a graduate of the class of 2001, who dedicated himself to running and the teams for which he raced; for the four years of his high school experience.

2001 Adam Broderick
2002 Jenny Jones, Carolyn Parsons
2003 John Martin
2004 Scott Bauhs, Jess Brooking, Dallin Rosdahl
2005 Tristan Blair, Tiffany Chinn, Nicole Nathanson, Dan Wilcox
2006 Janelle Jacobs, Ryan Castillo
2007 Allie Colaco, Danielle Ribera, Brett Gunari, Geoff Mohun, Aaron Keil
2008 Jacob Wiskel, Jason Silva, Keir Forster
2009 Collin Anderson and Sarah Wong
2010 Sean Colaco
2011 Kelly Nordine, Brent Moore, and Jay Foster
2012 Parker Deuel, Trevor Holmgren, Brian Hardy, Nicco Baumann Liz Hebel, Marissa Lee, Montana Baumann
2013 Jake Pisenti Daniel Jensen, and Zach Hanze 
2014 Emily Evans, Carly Lutz, Lauren Reed, Kailey Dunlap, Tyler Gambill, Justin Goldt, Logan Nicco, Ryan Colaco
2015 Christine Bayliss, Christy Hammill, Regan Leach, Anna Vojvoda
2016 Megan Bruntz, Ryan Cady, Eli Somers

Most Improved
Given to the male and female athlete who has improved the most while contributing to the team success.

2013  Ryan Colaco and Molly O’Brien 
2014  Nik Bernhardt and Lauren Reed
2016 Shane Cooke and Mia Yancich

Rookie of the Year
Awarded to the male and female athlete who in their first year contributed most to the success of the team.

2013 Austin Webster and Carley Gwynn
2014 JJ Koski and Andrea Lyon
2015 Robbie Funkhouser and Molly Neach
2016 Emma Tavella, Kate Tavella, and Aidan Bradley



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